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Cary Johnson is the founder of this urban entertainment company.  Mr. Johnson hails from Louisiana and while Katrina killed many people’s dreams, Johnson has a mission to keep his southern background in tact. Cary, known as Makio is also an independent music producer, ex-rapper, and entrepreneur who established several small businesses in Louisiana.  Mr. Johnson began dabbling in the music and entertainment industry in 1999, as a hobby but quickly made it his prime focus.   His creative insights is the drive behind N.O. Hype Entertainment.
Johnson’s energy, passion and values are the root to his determination to see to the success of N.O. Hype globally.
Along with his wife Valencia who acts as President, N.O. Hype is on a serious mission to impact communities globally with the beauty of the culture of Hip Hop through entertaining an informative television and music productions and events


N.O. Hype Entertainment is a corporation solely owned and operated.
N.O. Hype creates quality television programming that promotes distinctive broadcast programs, commercials, videos and infomercials.
We also produce superior DVD recordings.